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Changes to payment methods:

With COVID comes some changes to the way we will be doing payments to the flight night kitty. Going forward we (Gord and I) will no longer be accepting cash payments. Instead we are moving to an online, touchless payment service called Square.

The process will be simple and the same policies will otherwise be in place – ie. it is still pay to play (if you’re able) each week. So only pay for nights you actually come out and fly.

Also, we’ll continue to operate on the basis that if you’re able to donate that’s great, but if you’re not able to donate that’s fine too. We understand that life throws curve balls and we’d rather fly with you than have you not fly because you aren’t able to.

Payment Options:

There are two payment links depending on which night you’re paying for, Friday or Monday. Please click the link for the night you are booking for. (The reason for the difference is to allow us to track monies donated to quads vs. wings to ensure fairness.)

Wing Night : FridaysCLICK TO PAY

Quad Night : MondaysCLICK TO PAY